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Question:  The Differences Between a Sunroom, Garden Room & Patio Room?

ANSWER:   A straight sunroom is where all or part of the roof is single or dual tempered glass 
ANSWER:   A curved radius sunroom is single or dual tempered glass with a tempered glass Roof.
ANSWER:   A curved garden room radius is single or dual tempered glass & the roof is solid.
ANSWER:   A solid roof straight or gabled garden rooms have Glass gabled ends & transoms.
ANSWER:   A solid roof straight or gabled patio room has solid gabled ends, transoms & kick plate.


Question:  What are Gabled Ends, Transoms and Knee Walls?

ANSWER:  Gables ends are usually the areas above the windows on the side walls.
ANSWER:  Transoms are usually the areas above the windows on the front wall.
ANSWER:  Knee Walls are the areas below the windows - solid, glass or dual glass.


Question: What are the different roof types?

ANSWER: Tempered glass raftered roofs are for straight & curved sunrooms. The 3" & 4" solid insulated roofs are for the straight or gabled garden rooms and patio rooms.
                For more info see Roof Materials


Question: What are the different wall types?

ANSWER: Industry Standard walls are 2" or 3". Our Newest Residental Super Walls are 4". 50% stronger with 50% more Insulation and are thermally broken Vinyl clad walls in our Omega Rooms, give Maximum Insulation.
                For more info see Wall Materials


Question:  What is our electrical system?

ANSWER: Exclusive UL Approved Electrical Utility Mullions allow Outlets, Switches & Lights between each wall section & allow for cable & phone lines thru-out. Electrical Header Beams on each wall allow for Easy Electrical hookups to any wall module.
                    For more info see Electrical

Question: What types of glass is available?

ANSWER: Single & Dual Duralite tempered glass - Single Smart Glass 30 & Dual Smart Glass 90 in Roof Glass & Dual Smart Glass 60 (LowE2) in our Omega 2 windows & doors.
                    For more info see Glass

Question: What types of windows that are available? 

ANSWER: Tempered single or dual tempered Glass Aluminum windows in Alpha 1 & Alpha 2. Omega1 is a Vinyl single Tempered Glass & Omega2 is a Dual LowE2 Tempered Glass Vinyl 
                    For more info see Windows & Doors

Question:   What type of warranties are there?

ANSWER:   Rooms come with a Lifetime limited Warranty for materials & Lifetime on the Duralite Glass from the Manufacturer (they have been in business since 1947) 
                    For more info see Warranties

Question: What types of doors are there?

ANSWER:  There is a 3' solid pedestrian, 3' tempered glass door (single pane, dual or dual with grids), Double 3' tempered glass doors (French Style) & a 6' vinyl tempered glass slider with screen door in (single pane, dual or dual with grids)
                    For more info see Windows & Doors

Question: What if I want to install myself?

ANSWER:  You'll receive an installation manual & Install Phone Tech Support Monday - Friday
                    For more info see Installation Manuals

Question: What building codes our rooms meet or exceed?

ANSWER: : Meets or Exceeds U B C (uniform Building Code), National Glass Code, A-Rated Dual Glass, UL ( Underwriter Laboratories), C M B S O A approved Security Windows and A A M A approval on Windows & Doors

Question: How long does it take before the room is delivered?

ANSWER:  It usually takes 3 to 5 weeks from the date the Room is put into Production.

Question: Do you accept credit cards?

ANSWER: Yes - We accept Visa, AMEX & Master Card 

Question: How long does it take to install the room?

ANSWER:  Rooms are installed in 1 to 3 Days by a Factory Trained Installer & usually 2 to 4 days  by a Contractor, Handyman or Home Owner. 

Question: What are the difference between a Regular Room & our OMEGA Rooms?

ANSWER: The Omega2 Room Systems are a Vinyl clad System with Vinyl Windows & Doors & Dual LowE2 Smart Glass 60 in windows & doors. Omega 2 Glass Roofs are Dual Smart Glass 90 the Best in the Industry. Omega 1 Room Systems are a Vinyl clad System with Single Tempered Glass Vinyl Windows & Doors plus & Single Smart Glass 30 in a Tempered Glass Roof. Standard in the Industry is our Alpha1 System is an Aluminum System with single tempered glass Aluminum Windows & Doors. The Alpha 2 has Dual tempered glass Aluminum Windows & Doors.

Question: What are the features of our Windows?

ANSWER: Our windows come with security locks, operable double sliders, tempered glass, Full removal screens & meet the national glass code + dual tempered glass is A-Rated ALI Laboratory

Question: Who is the Manufacturer?   

 ANSWER: C-Thru Industries is a manufacturer & fabricator of Sunrooms, Patio & Garden Rooms since 1947. They've led a pioneering products effort such as a safely integrated raceway system & the newest generation of energy efficient Rooms & C-Thru continues to be industries Top innovator 

Question: What makes C-Thru Sunrooms better? 

ANSWER: The C-Thru advantage is a combination of  the features built into C-Thru Rooms that are a result of a well thought-out design & years of continuing improvement & the manufacturing process (Micro Assembled) which is better and more efficient, with high-grade materials and a quality assurance process to make sure your room exactly the way you want it. Omega2 Rooms are the Best in the Industry with Dual Smart Glass 60. Exclusive UL Approved Electrical Utility Mullions that allow Outlets, switches, lights, cable & phone lines between each wall section.

Question: Where can my Room be built?

ANSWER:  Sunrooms can be built on a New or Existing existing slab or deck, patio, porch, or almost any other location next to or underneath a pre-existing structure. 

Question: What is the warranty on C-Thru Sunrooms?

ANSWER:  C-Thru Sunrooms carry a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty and a 20-year warranty on glass seals, which is the best in the industry. See the "Warranty" section on line for more details.

Question: What type of glass is used?

ANSWER:  C-Thru uses Duralite™ glass that's safer & more shatter resistant than regular glass. C-Thru also features the energy-efficient SmartGlass™ 30 - 60 & 90 for roof and wall glass.

Question: Will my Room stand up to severe weather?  

ANSWER:  Yes. C-Thru Rooms are designed to meet or exceed Most snow & wind loads. 


Question: What kind of maintenance is necessary?  

ANSWER:   C-Thru Sunrooms are designed to be easily maintained. Glass can be cleaned with any household glass cleaner. The structure may need a periodic cleansing with a mild household detergent & water solution to remove pollutant build-up. 


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